Sunday, June 25, 2006

Let's try this. You know that I've asked for women's words and women's works for Deepwater Journal. Robin has granted permission to include two of her amazing paintings and a statement for me. I'll wrangle with getting the images on. When I tried early this morning/last night, the function wasn't cooperating.

This is Robin's choice of her work. It's titled 'Caves Of Mount Carmel', 40" X 30" mixed media on canvas. I've chosen one that sighs at me like a siren's call titled The Still Place and will post it later. And well, hell. Wouldn't you know that I'm still having labor pains trying to upload 'Caves'. I'll get around it by putting a direct link so you can see it here. But I want the visuals on Deepwater as well because I want us pretty and will keep knocking at it. This is what Robin has to say about her work:

"For me, making Art is about the acknowledgement of holiness present in each moment. Abstract art-line and color that hints rather than insists-allows the expansion or the restriction of physical boundaries to surround, to permeate the Spirit of each moment.Art is the transformation of thought or emotion-an opportunity for growth. It is active participation in the reality of Spirit's presence-the Gathering & Reflecting of Each Thing. As such, art documents both the mile and the milestone of life inexorably pulled by Spirit."

She also talked about her Goddess muses and her life in the note to me. I have decided that we could all hang out with this woman and be enriched by it.

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