Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The definition of Rabbi can be summed up in the essence of one word - 'teacher'. I just found one in a comment from Pam. Whether Jewish or not, this blessed soul and his wife gave me another Life Lesson told in such a beautiful way. Would that all our lives and experience could be explained in parables such as this. Thank you. Both - Dina

Blogger Pam said...

I think you are a brilliant writer. Your story was very moving. I wanted to write something to help you understand how wonderful it was that you helped that little bird, but I am a terrible writer! So I asked my husband. Here is what he wanted me to tell you:

"There is a story from Jewish tradition, that in the beginning of creation the essence of God could not be contained by vessels that God used to contain it; the burst sprayed the universe with shards of Godness. It is believed that simple acts of loving kindness gather up the these shards and repair the world. Your actions in caring for a bird, a baby, one seen by others as insignificant gathered up a spark of Godness in the world. You have truly done the work that I believe the universe asks of us."

I hope this will be of some comfort to you.


Cindy said...


What a beautiful observation! I, of course, was not surprised that you took in the baby bird. Really not much different from all of the other "baby birds" that you have taken in over the years. Broken hearts, broken selves, walking wounded we have walked through the doors of Dogpatch and been nurtured back to health-emotional or otherwise. You are truly an amazing woman!

Love you!


queenlint1 said...

And you are among my treasures as well! I'm been blessed with the Grace of good friends. I love your creative, fearless soul that has been an inspiration all these years. You already know I love you!


Pam said...

I have always liked the concept of "Tikkun Olam" (repairing the world). I am glad that it made you feel a little better.

Cousin Deb said...

Hello, Cousin. . .

So here I sit again trying futiley to dry this haggard old tear-stained face of mine so that I can speak to you with all the emotion still so fresh. I just cannot get thru your baby bird story without becoming completely undone ~ especially where you call to the four pillars demanding there be "no pain at all". I've been there. . . I've been there more times than I ever wanted to be and certainly more than I care to remember, for remembering tears a fresh new hole in this battered heart of mine. Had I been there, I'd have been ranting right along with you, crying to my God for his mercy as I'd been taught. . . but without fail, taking my turn walking with and soothing that precious baby. That story just makes me ache all over. . . and still the tears come. . . so much so that the collar of my blouse is soaked.

I wanted to say, too, that I loved what the Rabbi told you. It had to have given you comfort.

I love you. I love who you are and how you think and that we are different and the same.

Always, Cousin Deb

queenlint1 said...

Pam and her husband are special souls. She's the most tender of hearts in a left brained mind! She's suffered loss as well so that makes her one of the wisewomen.

And YOU! I know what you've just gone through with Uncle Charles, your mom's loss and now John's cancer. I know you'll perservere and be there for all of them to come.

You're always in my heart, right up here under my left girl!!

Love you,