Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pam commented on the Blue Moon post:

Hi. I have been trying to think of what to say but can't think of anything except, I am so sorry about your friends and I can't imagine what they (and you) are going through. Do you believe that our spirits live on (in other dimensions)? I struggle with it; it seems impossible but at the same time I've heard and read stories from people that makes me ponder. - Pam

Little Beauty, I have already wept, wailed, wallowed, and cursed for them all many times over enough to fulfill any lamenting custom in several lands. I know I'm being selfish about it, especially in Sally Jo's case because I just want them HERE, not THERE. When I wah for them, it's the blindered side of my Inner Child having a temper tantrum because some really fun playmates are leaving my party.

Death IS life! It's SIDS for Seniors. We Americans have a tendency to overlook that. I'd like to thank the predominant cultural religions for that: You die, you go before your god, get judged pretty harshly for your worldly stupidities, and depending on whether you ascribe to the Vatican, Yaweh, Mohammed, or to Dante Alighieri, you're sent to various hotspots around the universe with varying degrees of unpleasantries.

I personally think all this is an opague attempt at trying to control the masses and whip them into shape. Support the church, pay the tithes, follow the leader, even if the leader is telling you to believe some really stupid and irrational things. Crowd control. Think Jim Jones, the Inquisition, the 'Holy Wars', Jihad.

I lean towards taking the responsibility of my own actions while here and cutting out the middleman or priest to intercede for me as best I can. I know what kind of Didoes I pull that I shouldn't have - I was THERE when I did it. It cuts down on the coin, lets you sleep late on holy days, but more importantly, the guilt is incised right out of the mix.

So. We're scared to death of death and it's consequences, which I believe makes us bale on life, too. We don't want to face the big D so we live as if there will be no tomorrow wasting our time on piddling shit and overlooking the fact that this is a really good theme park here with lots to see and do.

As for our spirits living on, I've had this proven to me a number of times. I wrote about one physical manifestation of this in 'The Afterlife of Sam, The Dog' in January 2007. I've also talked to the dead on many occaisions. Before you reach for the Straight 8 - the jacket with eight formal ties, try asking the 'out there' for some help on an everyday project. It's fun and informative. I 'talk' to my dad all the time to ask for help with things mechanical or carpentry because he was a worldly ace with it. I more often than not get an amazingly quick solution on how to do something that I've not done before, something totally not in the vein I was thinking. Ascribe this to spiritism or Psychology 101. I don't really care as long as it works.

I wrote almost every single college paper on autodrive using the same approach. Whether you want to call this savantism or that I possibly could have been given the ideas, and sometimes, footnotes to support them from an outside source is up to you. I've quit trying to persuade folk around to my view of living.

Can I give you some directions on where to start your query on why I think psychism and 6th sense issues are real? Read " I am Psychic", also from January of this year. Read some of the new books out on fuzzy and quantum physics.

So, young Padowan, let Yoda be your guide on this matter. Remember the training of Luke. Listen, you should. Buy or rent the entire set of philosopher George Lucas' works and watch them.

When it comes right down to it, each of us has to believe in our own theories. I just offer mine. But one thing I know as utter, unmitigatable truth is that when Death happens, it won't matter what your beliefs or theories are. What awaits us (or not) will be there.

It is what it is.


Pam said...

I've tried to talk to my grandparents, asking them to come visit in my dreams, but it never happens. I had a friend who died of breast cancer when she was 31, and I think about her every day, and hope to hear from her, but I never have any kind of contact. I had a dream shortly after her death that I thought was a visitation; I still remember it after all these years. But nothing since then.

Also, wish my cats that have died would contact me, but that doesn't happen. Maybe I just don't have the ability to see it.

queenlint1 said...

Bunkin! Darlin! Little Beauty! The dead are too damn preoccupied to come a'calling on you at will! When I said I talked to them, I did and do so in a general sense. If you were here at Dogpatch with me, I could teach you to see auras. I use my back porch as a lectern. I could also teach you listen intently to the 'dead'.

Looky. You are a research scientist with a yen for Bodisatvah and Ten Chapters of A Floating Life balanced on the hard principles of Newton et al! This is a dichotomy supremo! You're too hard on yourself! I'd say unequivocably that the dream you had of your friend was, indeed a visitation and she's off to bigger vistas.
As far as cats are concerned, do you think that they would be any less recalcitrant in the Other World than they are here? I'm still trying to get my George to come to, 'here, kitty, kitty, kitty!', Lo, these 9 years!. Cats are a force unto their own.
I'll guarantee that you have the ability to sense the departed around you both four and two legged. I just think that you are looking for signs that aren't arcane enough to quantify.