Monday, January 22, 2007

Nothing to Report

There are those mariner's logs, left behind on a ship with no inhabitants with several vague entries. the last few ominous notes hold nothing but a bit of pocket change for detectives. I am one. A person of pocket change. I have nothing to report today.

Yes. There are stories of women, poetry, writing, art and all the news that is fit to print sitting in a box on the floor to be entered. But tonight, on this Monday, I have nothing to share with you other than a good night's sleep. I watched "Passion Fish" with Phyllis. Had chardonay and popcorn (a good combo by any standard). I worked on Rainbow Mountain Woman's ritual gown in between comments and chews, and bought a day planner online that had the days of the week along side the dates so that I couldn't falter when I made appointments. Called a Country Woman's Diary 2007. I've written in such before and appreciate the large spaces that allow me to sketch in a design or idea.
Maybe there will be poetry or art tomorrow.
(Portrait above of 'Ghost Ship')


Martha Marshall said...

Oh yes, I was a fly on the wall as you two sat and watched the movie and ate popcorn and drank Merlot, and as you multi-tasked on the side.

queenlint1 said...

YOU are the Queen of Multi-tasking amongst your other royal duties! Didn't you tell me that you had 19 paintings (you counted them off) going in your studio and spilling into the living quarters? And I know I read a blog entry or two. Oh. And wasn't there a Daily Painting in the mix somewhere? I told you that you make me tired just listening to an hour of your day!!