Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Trojans and Other Non-Prophylactic Concerns

Got your attention with that title maybe. Actually, I'm referring to the Trojan Horse Downloader.Agent.4.AV that popped up as an extra special gift on this computer I'm using. Mine got zapped in Friday night's lightning storm.

Tampa Bay is the Lightning Capital of the World, don't you know. So. I have zap protectors plugged into other zap protectors. But this zap was particularly sneaky sly and found it's way through the cable hookup. My computer guys will try to save Ol' Betsey and will salvage my store board for my files if that's not possible. I'm going to see if I can find a zap protector gizmo for the cable hookup. Damn.

Now. Back to trojans. I have always been bemused by the fact that individuals would sit around using their genius or just aping knowledge gleaned from some seedy website about causing mayhem on other people's systems. I have to assume that they have no social life and are not in therapy to relieve the symptoms of boredom or anti-social behavior issues they may have had since birth. There is also the assumption on my part that these individuals are pimply faced nerds without much to offer socially because I can't imagine an adult having the time to putz around with this crap. Simply said: They need to get a life.

Trojans and viruses and worms, oh my! All contribute to the general state of confusion and lack of direction we humans seem to have gotten ourselves into. We're warring against civilians in the guise of furthering state safety and agendas and fighting terrorism on just about every continent on the globe. Sad state of affairs for us now. I know why the rapturists are excitedly clamboring about the End Of Days. And nerdlets who design Trojans and viruses and worms and hacks contribute mightily to the travail and tribulation. They're just stupid.

In the scheme of things, can you imagine an ex-nerdlet trojan designer sitting their grandchild on their knee - assuming, of course that said nerdlet got away from the keyboard long enough to bond and mate with a reciprocal nerdlette and had progeny, provided they knew how to have sex. "Now, sonny, when I was your age, I designed a virus that shut down all the computers in the Healthsouth network! You wouldn't believe how they scrambled around trying to find patient records with allergy alerts. 'Course there were a few casualties, but what the hell! I'm famous!"

Oh. I forgot. The grand designers of malware can't really crow about their accomplishments, can they? Except to other nerds. They can sit around and snork and adjust their pens in their pocket protectors. Or maybe they substitute a good ol' trojan for the real thing in sex. Can you hear the disdain in my words?

See. I have very little time for idiots that waste it. This Cosmic Cotillion called Life that we're all invited to is the only dance here that we are aware of, if you ascribe to the Waved Space theory of the physicists. But while we're here, shouldn't we be trying to make our works be monumental, or at the least, significant? When there's so much turmoil and hate and destruction in us, shouldn't we be trying to highlight those characteristics that make us excell? Should we be giving the Grand Wazoo powers-that-be another idiot reason to wipe our collective asses off the face of this jewel of a ball?

I believe in Karma. Whether we judge ourselves at the end of our days or someone takes the job for us, I feel that what goes around comes around. Maybe it's laid out in a panalopy of images of what we've done in our lives - all of it from the mundane to the really bad. Maybe it's in the last flickering moments of conciousness before our signal goes to gray. I have to believe that whatever reflection comes we'll have to weigh whether downloading a trojan onto some old lady's computer really counts for squat in the Scheme of Things.

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Martha Marshall said...

Brilliant!! You go girl.

Speaking of nerds , by the way . . . never did get that picture to post on your blog entry.

Maybe today will be the day Blogger figures out all their problems.